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Wholesale IoT Mobility & Communications from Stream enables the channel to facilitate the IoT revolution.

The advancement in mobile broadband technologies has seen the way we monitor information change. Tasks that previously required physical human interaction, can now be performed from by simple triggers/ sensors that can be monitored from anywhere. With 5G broadband and the increased speeds and reduced latency that comes with it on the horizon, the influx of connected devices is only going to increase, with the way we use them changing each and every day.

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IoT in numbers!

With the Internet spreading linke wildfire and reaching every part of our daily life, more and more traffic is directed to websites in search for information.

31 billion IoT devices to 
the intenet in 2020

127 new devices 
connect to the internet
every second

The IoT market size will 
exceed £400 billion 
in 2021

IoT devices increased by 
by 24 billion between
2018 and 2020

of retailers will use IoT to customise customer
store visits

By the end of 2020, there
will be 4 conected IoT
devices for every human
on earth

Not sure how to leverage IoT to your customers?

Here are some examples of market that are embracing IoT Technologies!


Retail organisations are utilising IoT to personalise the customer experience like never before. By using sensors to measure a customers in-store beahviour, beacons send targeted notifcations with special offers or ifnormation. Sensors are ensuring the instore experience is SMARTer than ever before.


Growing demands on logistics are pushing accelerated technology deployment for a variety of applications, ranging from warehouse automation programmes to optimising efficiencies to to increasing driver and cargo support and security.


Outside of simple vehcile tracking, IoT has allowed the Fleet Management indsutry to develop at an unprecedented rate. With IoT, vehicles can be sent live route updates to alter their path depending on traffic, whilst HQ can measure elemnts such as the the weight or temperature of a vehciles load.


IoT has revolutionised how healthcare oraganisations monitor patients in realtime. With IoT, home test kits can transfer data to healthcare professionals in an instant allowing them to monitor patenits aroudn the clock.

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